7 Qualities Needed For Becoming A Better Badminton Player

Playing a sport like badminton is refreshing, but you need to build a successful routine when you want to become a professional badminton player. It is the fastest racquet sport in the world and also very popular across all countries. It is easy going for beginners but to become a better badminton player; you will need a lot of practice and guidance. At Kelika badminton academy, we have evaluated seven qualities that will help you become a better player. We find that our best performing players share a similar mindset and daily routines.

These qualities are based on using simple but effective techniques while doing your regular training. Read the article ahead to know about insider tips from coaches of the best badminton academy in Ahmedabad:

  • Discipline In Eating

The first step towards excelling at any sport is conscious of your eating habits. And all good coaches will advise you to pay great attention to your nutrition. You should visit a nutrition expert to get a diet plan that suits your body type and helps improve your well being. Depending on your metabolic system, you can include or exclude certain items. Badminton demands great agility, and thus, you must avoid eating junk food regularly. We also suggest using a mobile app to keep track of your eating habits. You can dine out on high-calorie foods occasionally though. At Kelika’s badminton training academy in Ahmedabad, we also advise our students to take adequate sleep and avoid staying hungry for too long as it would undermine their healthy eating habits.

  • Regular Training For Improving Stamina

Badminton players need to have a lot of stamina. Constantly moving inside the badminton courts in Ahmedabad is a challenging task. Endurance building is a long term process, and you can follow simple routines like running longer distances at slow speed. We also recommend including plyometrics in your training. On the other end, you can also include sprints and HIIT to increase your stamina. Pushups, burpees, and squats also help improve your lung capacity. Make these exercises a part of your regular training, and you will get great results.

  • Undivided Focus

You need to make focus a part of your day to day lifestyle because it is a behavioural quality. One cannot practise focus as a skill. Instead, they have to make it a part of their personality. In sports like badminton, paying undivided attention to your opponent and the shuttle is a game-changer as most players complain about getting distracted after a few sets. Start by paying focus while conversations, read long blogs, try taking shorter and fewer breaks while studying (if you are a student) and even start meditation. These are a few tactics all players at our badminton classes in Ahmedabad apply.

  • Honing Basic Badminton Skills Through Small Exercises Off Field

It is said that in every sport no matter bodybuilding or badminton, basics are your best weapons. You can do very simple acts like moving the racquet to and fro, juggling the shuttle playfully, and practising lunges. You can also do small footwork drills when not inside the badminton court. At our badminton coaching academy in Ahmedabad, professional players often tell that they keep honing their basics all the time and practice their technique during training sessions.

  • Working On Muscle Memory

Good muscle-mind coordination is a must but having muscle memory is something that separates the champions from the rest. We have observed that top players of our badminton academy in Ahmedabad have exceptional muscle memory. You can build muscle memory by holding the racket for longer time periods and randomly swinging it in all directions. This helps the muscles in your hand and upper body in coordinating better. Even making lunges and moving around in the court with low intensity can help your body understand how to react to various movements, and it helps to get the rhythm without actively trying during matches.

  • Keeping Techniques At Priority

Keeping Technique And Form At The Top PriorityHow you hold the racquet, feet positions forehand and backhand, how long your steps are and breathing patterns shouldn’t miss your attention. High-speed sports like badminton demand players to focus more on technique as it saves you from injury and fatigue. You should also avoid things that ruin your form like staying away from training for too many days or eating unhealthy food. We recommend all players of our badminton coaching academy in Ahmedabad to avoid strenuous exercises before matches to reduce the chances of injuries.

  • Analysing Your Skills And Making Improvement Plans

The post-match analysis is a great way to become a better badminton player. You can ask your coach to give feedback on a regular basis. Identify the areas where you need to work and devise action plans that help you make improvements. Filming your game is the best way as you can catch minor details and track improvements. Almost every professional player uses this technique at Kelika’s badminton classes in Ahmedabad. Performing regular analysis combined with focused improvement plans is rare, but you can adopt one of the most effective qualities.
Summing Up
Becoming a professional badminton player is hard and challenging. These seven qualities will help enhance your training routines and help you evolve as a badminton player naturally. Interweaving habits that benefit your skills and help reduce stress during big games. Competitions and winning are great motivators but loving the sport and enjoying it on and off-field is what makes champions unique. Helping build these seven qualities in every player makes us the best badminton academy in Ahmedabad. If you want tips on becoming a better badminton player or dedicated sports training services, you can reach out to us. Kelika has an affordable badminton academy fees structure, and we also run special ladies-only batches. We hope you find this article insightful.

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