Basic Rules For Badminton Singles And Doubles

Badminton is a casual outdoor game that can be played openly on beaches or in the courtyard. Formally it is to be played in a rectangular indoor court for professional games. It is played using racquet and shuttlecock by hitting the racquet to the shuttlecock across the net on the opposite half of the side and scoring points accordingly. It can be played with multiple players, but mostly there are “singles” (with single player on one side) and “doubles” (with the double player on each side). It is quite important to know the exact rules to play the same then be it casual or a professional game for playing any game. In this article, the coaches from Kelika, a premier badminton training academy in Ahmedabad will present to you the basic rules that are needed to be known and understood that could help to play the game in a better way.

What Are The Basic Rules For Badminton Singles

In the single rally, the game is to be played between two players in all with each player on each side. The basic rules that are to be known and followed for playing in the badminton courts in Ahmedabad are as follows:

  • Format

The head coach at our badminton coaching academy in Ahmedabad starts initiations with these rules: Every game starts with the score(0-0). As long as the format is considered, it is not acceptable to randomly select the side of the court by the players. It completely depends on the score of the server. If the server’s score is even, the server has to serve from the right court, and if the score is odd, the server has to serve from the left side of the court.

The toss is the beginning of the game. The winner of the toss gets to serve first which decides the selection of the sides as the winner of the first serve is supposed to serve again from the other side, and if the receiver wins the toss, he becomes the new server and gets to serve then.

  • Serve

Serve is one of the most important rules of badminton. It is always to be done underarm below the server’s waist by the server. Making an overarm is considered to be the fault and breaking of the basic rules of the game. The server has to follow the rules while serving as one wrong serve can give a point to the opponent and can make him/her lead, adds the evening batch instructor at Kelika, a reputed  badminton training academy in Ahmedabad.

  • Score System

Scoring system in badminton based on a system that a server wins a point with every serve. When the server wins the rally, they score a point and service is retained, but when the receiver wins the game they score, and the receiver earns a point and service. A match consists of a best-of-three match of 21 points and when the score is 20 all and the first player taking the lead of 2 points first wins the match. Also at 29 all, the first one to score 30th point wins the game. When the lead reaches a score of 11, a 60-minute break can be taken. These rules are applied in all mock games played at our badminton classes in Ahmedabad.

  • Faults And Fouls

In badminton, faults and errors can result in giving a point to the opponent and also losing the lead. While serving the shuttle swing is missed when hit with the racquet, and it falls below the net which is one of the basic faults for singles in rules of badminton similarly if the shuttle hits with a racquet and swings outside of the court which can also be considered as foul. Lastly, if the shuttlecock touches the cloth or body can be considered foul.

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Basic Rules For Badminton Doubles

Badminton can be played in doubles with two players on each side, and the basic rules and regulations are the same as that of single matches. Kelika ensures that you don’t mix up the two by adequate practice and personal guidance, making us the best badminton academy in Ahmedabad. Have a closer look:

  • Boundaries

When in the doubles matches the server is supposed to serve inside the white line, and after the receiver returns the serve, the shuttlecock can be hit from anywhere then onwards.

  • Format

Even in doubles, it is not allowed to select a side of the court as wished. According to a thumb rule in badminton, the game always starts from the right side. Always the game starts with (0-0) and as 0 is an even number, the server is started from the right side. The server order depends on the score odd or even. For example, if you and your partner have to do the first service in the new game then the service is done from the right side due to zero score or else it depends on the score of the previous score is odd, or even that can result in alternate serve.

  • To Switch The Court Side

For doubles matches in badminton, the sides are to be switched during specific situations and also some specific scores like after the first match, after the second match but in the third match, sides are switched only after one of the teams achieves the score of 11. These are very specific rules and you can get proper guidance at very few places with our badminton training academy in Ahmedabad being one of them.

  • Scoring System

Just like in singles matches, the doubles matches also have a scoring system based on the three-match system. In order to win a game in badminton, two of the three matches are to be won. There is a point achieved on every serve, and if the server-side wins the first match, they are supposed to serve again from different sides and also gain points. But if the receiver wins the match, they become a new server-side by taking the match’s lead. When both sides reach 20 all points, the first side to take up the lead of 2 points first wins the match, and at the score of 29, all the first team to score the 30th point first wins the game.

  • Fouls And Errors

In the doubles match if the shuttlecock is outside the court or it just slips below the court or if the shuttlecock touches the cloth or body it can be called a foul and error. Also, the receiver can only return the directed serve. The instructors at our badminton coaching academy in Ahmedabad keep such rules at priority even in practice sessions.


Even though badminton’s game seems to be quite easy, it has multiple rules and regulations to play a perfect game. Being an outdoor game, it can be played with friends and family for having a quality time. But if you are willing to get proper guidance for pursuing it as a professional sport, these rules are a must visit Kelika badminton academy to get professional sports training services. Our badminton academy fees structure is truly value for money given our rich expertise. Contact us now!

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